[Hanoi, August 17, 2022] – The Organizing Committee of the 18th International Exhibition on the automobile, motorcycle, electric vehicle and supporting industries – Autotech & Accessories 2022 officially announced: Autotech & Accessories special edition 2022 will take place this October in Ho Chi Minh City.

After 02 years of not being able to take place in the live form, Autotech & Accessories will return this coming October under a special edition: “One Exhibition – Two Platforms” and pay special attention to promotion activities. trade, trade connections between businesses. Specifically, Autotech & Accessories 2022 will take place from October 27 to October 30, 2022 at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center – SECC (799 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City) for images. directly and on the website or for the online form. The exhibition is organized by Asia Trade Fair and Promotion Joint Stock Company – ATFA, with the patronage and support of the Vietnam Federation of Trade and Industry (VCCI) and the Vietnam Association of Supporting Industries. South (VASI).

In the year 2020 – 2021, the outbreak and spread of the Covid-19 epidemic has negatively impacted almost all aspects of social life, including trade connection activities and trade promotion. Currently, Vietnam has gradually overcome difficulties and challenges, flexibly implementing the “dual goal” of effective epidemic prevention and control, while recovering and developing socio-economically. Trade promotion activities and trade connections have also been restored quickly. In order to create favorable conditions for businesses in the automobile, motorcycle, electric vehicle and supporting industries to seek cooperation opportunities, to be resilient in the face of negative impacts from the pandemic and political tensions in the world. Currently, ATFA chooses to organize Autotech & Accessories Exhibition 2022 in the form of direct and online combination. This helps to expand the participation opportunities for businesses, including those who cannot attend the traditional exhibition for various reasons. Moreover, foreign businesses will also easily access the exhibition while travel between countries is still limited through the form of online exhibitions or representative booths to display and introduce products at the exhibition. live exhibition.

With an expected scale of about 150 direct booths and nearly 200 online booths, bringing together domestic and foreign businesses from many countries around the world such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, etc. China, Autotech & Accessories 2022 does not focus on the number and size of booths and exhibitions, especially focusing on participation efficiency and practical value for customers. Therefore, Autotech & Accessories 2022 creates favorable conditions for businesses, production facilities, distributors in the automotive, motorcycle, electric vehicle and supporting industries to meet, share experiences, and learn. market information, promote production, connect supply and demand of goods, develop distribution systems, serve diverse consumer needs of the people and promote exports. Businesses participating in trade connections can also actively choose one of two forms: directly at the exhibition or online in cyberspace. To ensure smooth and effective trade connection activities, the Organizing Committee also invests in modern technological equipment, arranges coordinators and interpreters to support participating businesses.

In addition, Autotech & Accessories 2022 is also an opportunity for businesses to directly promote products to customers, approach and fully grasp the needs of importers, thereby developing production and business strategies. suitable business to meet the increasing demands of the market. Exhibitors will bring to the exhibition high-quality products and innovative solutions and innovations in batteries, energy, electrification of the auto-motorcycle industry, spare parts and components. maintenance, technologies applied on vehicles… Autotech & Accessories 2022 promises to be a practical and useful bridge between businesses, a companion with businesses to recover and develop.

The official information about the exhibition will be updated at the website or the official fanpage of the exhibition
For more detailed information, please contact:
Le Thu May – In charge of Communications
Asia Trade Fair and Promotion Joint Stock Company – ATFA
Tel: 090 617 1097

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